Operational management

650 tons of healthy fruit and vegetables. That is the average supply per day at the REO Veiling. Through preharvest and residue control, the fruit and vegetables are analysed before on food safety and health. When they have been delivered, quality controllers at the REO Veiling are ready for regular product testing in addition to the self-checking done by the producers with great care at their market garden. Apart from this immediate inspection upon delivery, the REO Veiling also checks the shelf life. Inspected products combined with a checked harvest have a name. The REO Veiling sells its daily fresh fruit and vegetables under these three quality labels.

The REO Veiling sells the entire supply volume in the interest of its member-producers at the best possible market price. The cooperation does this through a concentration of the product range and the organisation of various sales systems. The auction clock is the most important sales instrument of the REO Veiling. The auction clock guarantees transparent and competitive pricing determined by supply and demand.

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