The REO Veiling is a limited liability cooperative partnership whose member producers are shareholders. They elect their representatives on the Board of Directors, where the growers themselves set out the policy of the cooperative.


A cultivator who wants to become a partner submits his/her application to the production and quality manager. If all statutory and regulatory conditions have been met, the Board of Directors formally accepts the new membership.

You can study all of the statutory and regulatory conditions in the articles of association on this web site. If interested, go to Becoming a member on our web site and fill in the contact form. Our production and quality manager, Nahalie Plovie, will contact you as quickly as possible to arrange a non-binding meeting.

To request a password for the ‘Extranet’, the REO Veiling's internal information system, you need to send an e-mail with your producer/buyer number to info@reo.be. Use of the extranet is free of charge for members, this is a paid service for buyers. The password is subsequently sent on by post.

Commercial Department

A storage depot for the Europool System is also provided at the REO Veiling, which means that many products are supplied in these trays. In addition, the REO Veiling meets all market requirements in respect of types of packaging. Wooden crates, boxes, other types of multi-use packaging and even individual packaging are filled to meet your requirements. For any further information, please contact the commercial department or the packaging department using the general number +32 51 231 211 and info@reo.be.

To become a buyer at the REO Veiling, you need to be an officially registered trader. Individual conditions are associated with this, such as signing the sales and purchasing conditions, depositing a bank guarantee and having credit insurance. For any further information about marketing, please contact our commercial Director, Remie Dewitte, by e-mailing him at remie.dewitte@reo.be


You can contact the REO Veiling on the number +32 51 231 211 and then ask for the department's principal inspector.


You can contact the department’s loading foreman. He can speak to you in a number of languages. You can contact the loading foreman on the number +32 51 231 230 or by e-mail to laadmeester@reo.be. He will direct you to the right loading bay.

The REO Veiling is divided into different zones. Each zone has its own colour. You can familiarise yourself with the commercial site by following the various signage.

To provide a clear picture of the commercial site, you can download the floor plan of our auction here. The floor plan contains a legend which provides you with full practical information about the auction.

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