In 2017 the REO Veiling supplied 9.5 million kg of white and chesnut mushrooms to it's buyers. The REO Veiling is pre-eminently one of the largest supplier of fresh mushrooms in Belgium. The REO Veiling is located in West-Flanders. Wes-Flanders by the Belgioan coast is a production-rich vegetable area because of its maritime climate, fertile soil, the craftmanship of local growers and the presence of modern systems for productions, sale and qualitychecs. Ideal factors that ensure high quality fresh fruit and vegetables, including mushrooms. Other than regular mushrooms, we also supply oyster mushrooms, shii-take, pied bleu, eryngii and maïtaké. Last year we supplied allmost 200 000 kg of oyster mushrooms.

white and chesnut mushrooms

Shelf life

Mushrooms should be stored at 1-2 °C. Protect from draught and drops of water.


Mushrooms are classified according to diameter (maximum central cap line):

  • fine: 20-45 mm in 250g punnets
  • medium: 35-60 mm in 500g punnets
  • giant: 55-110 mm in 500g punnets or loose

Quality brand

REO Quality - Flandria - Tomabel - Bio
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