Tomatoes are the vegetables of the month at the REO Auction. Every year, 21.5 million kg of loose tomatoes are delivered to the REO Auction. In addition, 9.6 million kg of vine tomatoes are supplied and sold.

We have all kinds and packaging available. The tomatoes from the REO auction are marketed under the quality labels Flandria, Fine Fleur and Tomabel.

Under Flandria, beaf tomatoes (Baron), loose tomatoes (Prince) and vine tomatoes (Princess, Elite) are sold.

The Fine Fleur tomatoes are grown in the ground. Moreover, they are harvested when ripe and therefore they not only have a firm texture, but also have a refined taste, full of vitamins.

Tomabel includes many different types of tomatoes:

  • beaf tomatoes
  • loose tomatoes,
  • tomatoes on the vine
  • cherry tomatoes on the vine
  • plum tomatoes
  • snack mix
  • sweet tomatoes
Both the product and its packaging are synonymous with tasteful presentation. Tomabel tomatoes are presented in attractive packaging and are always clearly identifiable in shops.

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