GlobalG.A.P. is an international standard for primary production based on the principles of Good Agrarian Practices (G.A.P.), which alongside product quality and food safety also guarantees sustainable cultivation. To meet the GlobalG.A.P. standards, our REO producers have to allow their production methods and safety systems to be inspected by an independent inspection body. (OCI).

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GlobalG.A.P. and REO Veiling use the same basic objectives and support the REO grower in attaining these objectives. With a GlobalG.A.P. certification on the product, the REO Veiling guarantees the consumer a safe and sustainable product. The products are in fact grown using responsible agricultural methods and fewer chemicals. In addition, the interests of the most important capital within a company, the employee, are represented and respected. Finally, the ecological footprint of the producer is reduced significantly.

GlobalG.A.P. products can be recognised by the yellow sticker on the box. These products are offered individually on the auction clock of the REO Veiling. The validity of the certificate can be checked based on the grower's number on the yellow sticker using the website in respect of the products purchased from this grower. The lists are either broken down by product group or by producer.

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