REO certificates

ACS Handel

Self-Checking Guide: PFV (potato, fruit, vegetable) trade and processing issued by Integra.

The guide contains all the requirements and recommendations relating to food safety (including traceability and reporting obligation) and quality (considerations under the authority of the FASFC), which apply in potato, fruit and vegetable processing facilities and in trade involving PFV products.


Business certificate for companies processing organic products. Issued by Integra.

Chain of Custody

GLOBALG.A.P Chain of Custody- Version 6.1 dd November 2022


Food for the animal feed sector. Issued by Promag.

Feed chain alliance.


Certificat IFS Logistics. Issued by Integra.


This certificate was issued by the Job Centre West Flanders not-for-profit organisation.

Productcertificat Flandria

Productcertificat Flandria® quality label


QS I Certificat. Issued by Integra.

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