The REO Veiling guarantees efficient energy consumption by making strategic investments. The REO Veiling has ensured that the maximum amount of daylight enters the various hangars and office buildings. This ensures that little to no electricity is used for lighting during the day. In addition, we have fully switched to the use of LED lighting in the offices, the hangars and street lighting around the buildings.

Solar power

The REO Veiling also runs on solar power. At the three packaging hangars of the REO Veiling, there is an impressive solar panel farm. Accordingly, any lost roof space is appropriately filled to facilitate the maximum amount of solar power. The generated power accounts for 10% of its energy consumption.

In addition, the REO Veiling has a combined heat and power system, which produces electricity and heat for the box washing systems.

Thus, over the years, the REO Veiling has seen a dramatic drop in its electricity consumption.

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