Heat consumption

The REO Veiling is almost completely heated in an environmentally friendly way. The office buildings and delivery warehouse are heated by the heat network of MIROM. MIROM is an inter-municipal association that uses waste disposal to generate heat and electricity in a sustainable way. The heat network is a greener alternative than individual boilers. The principle is very simple: one large heat station, the MIROM incinerator, transfers heat via underground hot water pipes to the REO Veiling and other organisations where heat is delivered to the building's system. The cooled water flows back to the heat plant, where it is reheated.

Why does the REO Veiling participate in this heat network?

  • Reduced emissions of harmful CO2
  • The use of fossil fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas is avoided.
  • Improved air quality

In this way, the REO Veiling contributes to a sustainable city.

Only the crate washing plant is not heated via the heat grid. This is done via a gas-fired combined heat and power installation.

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