Research and Development

The REO Veiling is working on a fruitful and sustainable future for the West Flemish and, by extension, Belgian horticulture. Every year we invest in research into new and better cultivation techniques, new varieties, possibilities to prevent plant diseases, etc. To achieve this, the REO Veiling works together with recognised research centres such as Inagro (Rumbeke Beitem), PCG (Kruishoutem) and VCBT (Leuven). In addition, the REO Veiling supports national research projects in consultation with fellow Auctioneers via LAVA and VBT.

Folding boxes

In addition, the REO Veiling supports a maximum conversion of the standard rigid boxes into folding boxes. The REO Veiling invests in a new washing machine that can open, wash and close the folding boxes in a fully automatic way. A complete conversion to folding boxes ensures that the REO Veilng needs a lot less transport.


The REO Veiling participates in various projects within the Flemish horticulture sector. A new innovative and progressive project is 'Agrotopia'. UGent, Inagro and the REO Veilng are launching a university chair for urban horticulture. This university chair will combine practical and fundamental research into innovation in greenhouse horticulture, vertical cultivation and urban farming. A large part of that research will take place in the new Inagro roof greenhouse on top of the box shed of the REO Veiling.

Project Agrotopia

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