Responsibly Fresh

Responsibly Fresh is a collective sustainability quality mark for fruit and vegetables in Belgium. Responsibly Fresh supports fruit and vegetables which are reliable, high-quality and healthy, both for today’s and tomorrow’s consumer. The products bearing the quality mark are also grown in harmony with the three basic pillars of sustainable development: responsible economic added value (profit), human well-being (people) and environmental protection (planet). All member producers of the REO Veiling have this sustainability quality mark. In addition to this quality label, many producers, also have the Global G.A.P. label (international standard) on their products.

North-South effect

The REO Veiling is making additional efforts in relation to the second pillar (People) as part of the North-South effect. The REO Veiling is encouraging horticultural cooperatives in the South. We are trying to constructively convince growers from countries with less developed agriculture of the strength in cooperative joint ventures. We do so, among other things, through study trips, joint ventures with NGOs such as Vredeseilanden, company visits, etc. Each grower must be given a fair price for his or her product, including in the South.

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