Social involvement

The REO Veiling is a strong supporter of local initiatives and voluntary organisations. Not-for-profit organisations make up a really sizeable proportion of our society. They boost social interaction and involvement between people. The REO Veiling definitely wishes to play a role in this.

Fruit and vegetables are products which can be used by any not-for-profit organisation (e.g. for a charity event, a fund-raising dinner, etc.). This is also the ideal way of promoting its fresh produce to local consumers. The REO Veiling offers fresh fruit and vegetables as auction prizes for properly substantiated initiatives which fall within the sustainability policy of the REO Veiling.


The REO Veiling engages employees of Mariasteen. Mariasteen is a bespoke company for people with a disability. It offers these people fair openings and opportunities for growth. Every day, a permanent contingent from Mariasteen works at the REO Veiling. They work in our box washing unit or are responsible for repairing pallets.

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