Traffic safety

In recent years the REO Veiling has been working on safe mobility in and around the auction’s premises. As from 2017, member producers and buyers can no longer drive up to the auction along Groenestraat. You see, ‘VBS De Vikingschool' is located opposite the entrance and exit to the former entrance. In order to make the school environment safer, the REO Veiling has built a new entrance and exit via Abraham Hansstraat. The member producers and buyers no longer pass the primary school along this route. At the end of the entrance, the REO Veiling has provided a roundabout to limit speed in the area. The old entrance and exit along Groenestraat is configured as a cycle track, running along the auction to a housing estate. This way, the cycle track is extended from the centre in the direction of the Roeselare ring road. The REO Veiling thus wants to further encourage its own employees to come to work by bicycle. All cyclists at the REO Veiling are also required to wear a high-visibility jacket to ensure maximum visibility.


Furthermore, the REO Veiling provides its location as a training facility to Syntra West (Roeselare) for trainee forklift truck drivers. The REO Veiling thinks it is extremely important to support these students particularly as they themselves have 90 forklift truck drivers in service. The REO Veiling also provides mandatory training sessions in collaboration with specialist centres of excellence which our member producers have to attend every five years to retain/attain their HGV driver's license.


The REO Veiling also provides parking spaces to the City of Roeselare. The Schiervelde complex, where, among others, the exhibition halls and the Roeselare municipal swimming pool, the KSV Roeselare stadium and the Knack Volley sports complex are located, is adjacent to the auction. The city needs a large amount of car parking space for these. That is why the REO Veiling provides 320 additional parking spaces for visitors to Schiervelde.

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